Which ScanSnap Software for use with DT?


I’m brand new to DT and feeling really overwhelmed. I’m also new to Mac (though not to computers/tech in general) and trying to get everything installed and setup.

I need to install either ScanSnap Home or ScanSnap Manager for my iX500 scanner. However, even after reading through the specs, comparison pages, and whatever else I’ve been able to find via websearches, I’m really at a loss as to which is the best option especially since I’ll be using DT. Now that Fujitsu has updated SS Manager to work with 64-bit last summer, it opens that possibility back up. I also hear that VueScan and ExactScan are great options and I don’t know what they would offer beyond the ScanSnap native offerings.

I’ve also given some thought to getting one of the Epson FastFoto scanners (for the much better photo scanning) but I’m not sure if it can work for document scanning as well as the Fujitsu options with DT. I thought I read that one or both of the third party scanning apps can make the Epson work similarly to the Fujitsu with DT. Is this correct?

FWIW, I have the new M1 Mac Mini, if that matters for either the hardware or software (third party or native).

Thanks so much for any advice, pointers, info you can share. I really appreciate it!

Welcome onboard @raeyning

Either Manager or Home will work. I’d suggest ScanSnap Home as it’s the more actively developed. It’s a bit ugly but you don’t need to be looking at it often :slight_smile:

No idea on the EPSON. If it works with Apple’s Image Capture, it should work with DEVONthink. From the sounds of it on this page, it seems like it should (not with TWAIN)


Thank you SO much for that! I really appreciate you taking the time to respond. Sorry I didn’t know enough of what I was looking for to figure out that the Epson at least might work with DT. It was so kind of you to care enough to check that out.

Also, thanks for your help with the ScanSnap version, too. It has been driving me crazy trying to figure out which one I should go with - and why. The ongoing development makes a lot of sense. Hopefully, I can get this going now. :slight_smile: