Which shortcut/Safari-/Firefox-Version works with DTPOffice?

I’m getting a bit frustrated for the once working ClipToDevonthink Extension 1.2.3 and my Firefox 3.6.24 do not work any more. There seems to be no version of ClipToDevonThink that does. Same with my Safari 5.1.2.
Though I do see an ammonite in the toolbar, it does nothing.

Could someone please tell me
a) which Version of Firefox and Safari on MacOS 10.6.8 do work with which extension of DevonthinkProOffice
b) what is the shortcut for this working combination to avoid clicking into the toolbar?
Thanks in advance

I don’t know about FireFox, but the clipper extension should work fine in Safari in Snow Leopard. You set the shortcut to be what you want in Safari’s extensions preferences.

For reasons unknown (at least, to me) Firefox has for some months been releasing version upgrades every few weeks, and each upgrade requires a version-specific release of browser extensions.