Which tool works better for OCR?

I bought a ScanSnap. Works great with the Mac. Bundled with the ScanSnap comes the OCR tool FineReader for ScanSnap: I can also scan driectly in to DTP Office Pro´s internal OCR tool.
In the first test i made it seems that they work similar, but FineReader was faster. (Important for about 1.5 gigs of docus to OCR. (I did not the scan directly into DPT).
What do you Gurus think which tool works better for OCR?
thanks in advance

I’m in the same boat as Wolfgang…just bought a scansnap and am trying to improve my workflow…to take better advantage of DT Pro Office. Any thoughts on which OCR produces better results? Better workflow?


Have the same question. New to ScanSnap, having replaced a Brother product.