Which version of MultiMarkdown is used?

Something for the Dev team:

Which version of MultiMarkdown is used to render Markdown documents? And is it the same version on macOS and iOS? And are any commandline options set?

I’m curious, because I sometimes render Markdown documents outside DTP (before entering them into DTP) and would like to use the same Multimarkdown version.

DEVONthink uses MultiMarkdown 5 on iOS & macOS (but not the command line tool, it’s integrated into the apps instead).

Thanks for this, Christian.

Following up on this, what are you doing with MutliMarkdown’s metadata block at the beginning of a Markdown document?

Well, the use of the metadata inside the Markdown text works.

But what I hoped for (or expected) was that the title metadata is used for the title of the document in DTP; furthermore I was hoping (or better dreaming about) that tags could be added to a Markdown document the same way. So a text file

Title: The Whereabouts of the Red Cat
Tags: cat, red, story

# The Whereabouts of the Red Cat

Once upon a time down in an old farmer's house lived a red cat  

would after import show up in DTP as a Markdown record named “The Whereabouts of the Red Cat” and tagged with cat, red and story.

But I don’t think this is possible yet.

No, that’s not possible yet. DEVONthink’s import uses the filename and the Finder’s tags.

I’ve learned from DEVONthink manual that MultiMarkdown 6.6.0 is used as of DEVONthink 3.7.

Not sure if I should reply to this old thread. I just think it would be appropriate to update it in the same thread.

Also @cgrunenberg , I’m not sure if the MultiMarkdown syntax guide link in the DT manual should be updated to something like MultiMarkdown User's Guide , currently it still refers to MultiMarkdown Syntax Guide · fletcher/MultiMarkdown Wiki · GitHub . Maybe that’s just for MultiMarkdown 2? There seems to be multiple major versions of MultiMarkdown, and each has its own repository and doc site. I might have to read in detail to see which doc/site has up-to-date info.

I’ll look into this and update the documentation. Thanks for the heads-up! :slight_smile: