Which word processor with DTTG?

I usually use Mellel on MacOS. I am an academic and I write papers with many long footnotes, so Mellel is a perfect choice for me in that context. DTPO reads easily Mellel files, but DTTG no, and my database is useless when I am on iOS. Which word processor do you suggest to use? I like NisusWriter, but RTF files lose the footnotes … also MSWord does not visualises footnotes :blush:

Thank you

Hi Gnoli,

I am not familiar this your software in use. But I would recommend to use a text-only editor as plain or markdown text as this can be used anywhere.

you can use whatever wordprocessor you want/you need with DTTG - because all files stored to DTTG are also availble in the Files.app of iOS. And there just open the files with the wordprocessor of your choice.

While I also prefer to only use one single App I’ve to go this way using Files.app to access different files in DTTG. It would be much easier to be able to just open the files within DTTG with the corresponding 3rd party App - but it seems it’s not that easy to implement (or maybe the 3rd party App has to support this??).