White scans as gray on Color Scans

I cant seem to figure this one out.

When I scan a document in color with a white background, the background comes out gray. When I scan a document in b/w, it comes out fine.

Here are some sample PDFs:

Black and White Test
Color Test

I am using a Canon MX870.

If I scan documents via the software that came with the scanner, I have no problems. It only happens when I scan via ExactScan.

Currently using the latest version of Pro Office 2.0.7.

Prior to the Canon MX870, I had a Brother MFC-440CN and it had no problems scanning.

Any ideas?

Thank you,
Michael Ruge

Hello Michael,

it seems as the white point in ExactScan is not correctly calibrated for your scanner. You can change this in Advanced Settings -> White point by increasing the white color value.

Best wishes,

Hi Susanne,

Thank you for your reply.

I tried that and it did not change a thing. Still comes out looking gray.

Michael Ruge