Why can't artificial intelligence features use tags, and is this feature planned?

I’m working through *Take Control of DEVONThink 3", and in the part about groups and tags, the author states:

“One downside (of tags): DEVONthink’s artificial intelligence features, such as See Also and Classify, won’t be of any use, as they rely on (ordinary) groups.”

I personally prefer using tags to manage information, but one of the reasons I purchased DT3 Pro is to use some of these artificial intelligence features. Can someone explain whys this limitation exists and it here are plans to change it?


AFAIK, The auto-classifying is based on the uniqueness of concordance of documents among different groups. Documents tend to be in one or only a few groups. Auto-classifying generally works better if documents are more segregate. A document tends to have many tags, that means the files in different tags tend to overlap a lot and thus the auto-classifying likely won’t work well.

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