Why can't I find a entry based on a portion of the name?

I have a document named “Invention”. I can’t find any search option to be able to find the entry if I enter on “inv”. How can I do this?


Read about Wild Cards in Search options.

Sorry… doc says

“Operator: Use these four options to either find documents containing all entered search words (“All Words”) or to find only documents containing all entered words in exactly this very sequence (“Phrase”). “Any Word” finds documents containing any of the given words, “Wildcards” lets you use the wildcards “*” and “?” (currently only in document names, not in document contents). “Phrase” also finds partial words.”

When should I use *
When should I use ?

I very often want to search on a portion of a word


Experiment. :slight_smile:

See what happens. You’ve got these tools: Phrase (can be used to find partial words, e.g. “song” and “songs”); Wildcard. e.g., song* (would you expect to find “songster”?); song? (is this the one for document names only?).

How about *song as a Wildcard search. Would you expect to find “birdsong”?

It’s fairly usual in search UI’s that * can represent any number of characters, while ? replaces one character.

E.g., *song would match birdsong, visuali?e would match visualize and visualise.

in order to find entries with the word “batteries”, I had to enter “batt” AND choose “Phrase”. I tought that by entering “batt*” in “Any Word” mode it would work. But no, I have to indicate “phrase” as well. But then, “batt” and “batt*” turn out the same results, if “Phrase” is selected.

Hmm, that’s funny, I’m trying to troubleshoot a query so I can find a document I have in my db called “Job Number List for timesheets,” inconsistent capitalization and all.

Reading this thread made me think that searching for “time*” with “Wildcards” selected should really find such a document, but it doesn’t. It does, however, find a document called “timesheet for Monday, March 20, 2006.txt.”

Why would it find one and not the other?

Currently, the * symbol for Wildcard searches works only for document titles.

A Fuzzy search for timesheet, or a Phrase search for that term would find both documents.

Christian has noted that, down the line, DT Pro will have the very powerful search operators currently shared by DEVONagent and EasyFind.