Why cant i find my devonthink 3 db's in my iCloud account?

I am using Cloudkit sync and looking to sync the db with obsidian
why when I login to iCloud can I not see the db’s I am syncing from Devonthink?

another thing I was wanting to was write in IAWriter save files into the db and then have them in Devonthink.

I am missing something …

Syncing is not copying the databases but using another technique.


There is a sync-datastore created in iCloud, but we don’t have access to it.
Even if we had access, this is not in db format

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dam here i was thinking i could use the same db with another platform eg obsidian

and that the data was text / md files for easy access.

i moved over from the Archive and still have all its files in folder.

I think you’re not the first person to think that :slightly_smiling_face: CloudKit is Apple’s sync system. It doesn’t save anything visibly to your iCloud Drive (I.e. you’re not essentially copying a set of files to your iCloud folders).

It’s far clearer to consider these as 2 entirely separate systems. Your iCloud drive is a set of folders whose content you control. CloudKit is a tool Apple makes available to sync things across different devices.

P.s. you also wouldn’t want to sync your DT database with another app. DT’s folder structure is a little quirky and the groups you’ve set up on DT wouldn’t translate to the same groups/folders in another app.

Have you tried Indexing Obsidian files into DEVONthink?

…after reading and understanding the In & Out > Importing & Indexing section in the built-in Help and manual ?


For @CarlB I think …

Ultimately, yes, but I was just adding my two cents to the end of your comment :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ll edit my “snippet” text on this topic!