Why can't I insert a list into a basic document imported from Evernote?

Hi, I am a brand new user here, trying to see if DEVONthink will work better than Evernote. I used the Evernote import tool and now have a database with all my notes in it. Everything looked great until I actually tried to edit the documents I imported. It looks like they are all html documents now and therefore I don’t get to add lists to them. Can someone tell me why I cannot insert a list into an imported document? Here is what I mean:

Thanks for any help. Totally confused about the UI here.

The Evernote notes were imported as “Formatted Note” format
(HTML with embedded images)

Devonthink provides various format editors
You’re looking at a generic list of edit features, but they’re not all supported by all editors
As you found out, the Formatted Note editor doesn’t support lists

My solution is to open the note in a text editor and insert the html code for a list
You can also try converting the note to a different format
The Rich Text editor supports lists

As does the markdown editor