Why can't I see tags within Smart Groups?

So I’ve created a smart group entitled “Bookmarks” and I set it hold all bookmarks (kind =bookmark). That was my only criterion.

I was hoping though that I would be able to sift through this bookmarks folder by the tags that each individual file has, like I would in a regular group. But it appears that I can’t do that. Am I missing something, or is this just not a feature in DTP?

How do you sift through a regular group by the tags that a file has?

I click the group, then select the view as tags pane.

Got it, but the Tags view is different in that you are seeing all the tags, and all the items (tagged or otherwise), in the entire database. This view is not limiting the items displayed to what is in the group that you may have selected before selecting View: as Tags. In other words, it doesn’t matter if you have selected a smart group or a regular group, changing to the Tags view displays all files in the database.

True. It appears that the tag view is showing me tags in a database, not the group in particular. You’re right about that. I suppose I could specifically make a database for bookmarks if I just want to see the tags for bookmarks. Perhaps this is a feature worth requesting for future DTP additions - being able to only look at tags that are relevant to the particular group.

Pretty much, I’m just trying to do bookmark management in DTP and it’s kind of difficult.

Thanks for your help.

Tagging in DEVONthink is easy enough, but actually using the tags can be frustrating. What I would like to see in the Tags view is a tag cloud. In your example, you could add the tag ‘bookmark’ to all your bookmarks. When you click on ‘bookmarks’ in a tag cloud, then the list only includes tags that are common to bookmark, click on one of those tags (TagA) and the list includes only the tags that are common to bookmark and TagA, etc. I find it much more useful than the Tag view as is in DEVONthink. I actually index most of my databases just so I can use the tag cloud in Punakea to quickly search on tags.