Why do I get 5.th of october today when I insert todays date

Changed to Leopard two days ago. When inserting todays date in Devon Think I got the onsdag 5 oktober 2007 (ie. in Swedish :smiley: ).

Then I observed that the clock in the menubar had the wrong date (I just show the time and have to check to see the date). But Date is right in the preferences, files are being correctly saved with right date (and time) and iCal displays right date as well. This must be a bug? Or any ideas… ?

Hmmm… working fine over here using a German system. Does this still happen after switching to English for example?

No , same as in Swedish. Absolutely hopeless.

And you are running perfectly at the same time. I don 't like this at all… Me alone having this problem.

Just an idea: I had problems yesterday with Wordservice (check the forum for services). I got o message saying there was problems with Wordservice and so on… No. I could insert date yesterday without problems. After that incident.

So any ideas? I will make a new installation of Leopard I think.


I’ve just inserted dates via WordService (AppMenu>Services>Insert>…) and via DEVONthink (Edit>Insert>…) but everything’s still working as expected. But as both applications use the system-wide preferences, it’s probably a system-specific issue.