Why does one of my databases create a disk image on my desktop?


All of my databases used to load automatically when opening the mac version of th app, but recently, one of my databases does not open; when I open it from the recent databases, I get a disk image on my desktop. Why is this suddenly happening and how do I get it to behave like it used to (and like the rest of my databases)?


Is this an encrypted database and do you use the Finder or an alternative app?

hello. I have other encrypted databases as well and they dont mount on the desktop. This one also didn’t before, but suddenly started doing so. The passwords are in my keychain so these used to all open automatically when I open DT. I use the finder, but I’m not sure what you mean.

What’s the extension of this database when it’s not mounted?


I also have another with this extension, my other encrypted database, but it opens normally.


The extension of encrypted databases created by DEVONthink 3 should be .dtSparse and then the volume won’t be visible in the Finder.

thanks, that worked and I think the other database actually had the correct extension… but curious as to how this might have changed on the one database?

Has DEVONthink crashed or had you force quit it recently?

Dont remember, but that might be the likely culprit. thanks!

If DEVONthink terminates abnormally with an encrypted database open, it can’t change the file extension back to .dtSparse, leaving the extension as .sparseimage. When a database isn’t open in DEVONthink, the extension should always be .dtSparse.

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got it, thanks for the help!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: