Why does this happen with replicating?

I have a Smart Group. I select an item in that Smart Group. I replicate the item to a different Group. The item disappears from the Smart Group. When I go to the Group and return to the Smart Group, the item is back in the Smart Group (with the Replicated icon).

Why does the item disappear in the first place?

DTP v2.9.16


I’ve never seen this happen, nor can I recall anyone mentioning that this before. Perhaps posting a screen capture of your smart group criteria might be helpful in determining if something there is causing the document to temporarily disappear from the smart group?

Here are the Database and Smart Group.



ps – As to the FAQ for BBCode, I do not anywhere find “… the guide which can be accessed from the postings page”. I see that BBCode does not allow for me to resize an image in-line. Apologies therefore that these images from a Retina display are so big.


Curious, perhaps there is something about the ‘All’ criterion that temporarily changes during the creation of a replicant. Do you still see the behavior if you create a Smart Group that, say is Name matches materials overview + Filename ends with .PDF? Or keep the original ‘All’ statement and replace filename ends with .pdf to Kind is PDF/PS?

So far I couldn’t reproduce this over here and it’s indeed the first report of its kind. Is this limited to a certain database or group or view (e.g. columns views)?

I have not been able to reproduce this again. I will report more should it happen again.