Why dont I use DTTG.. and a possible idea

I absolutely love devonthink pro office. However I have tried to use DTTG many times but it never sticks with me. I think there is inherent friction in that one has to sync (and remember to sync). I have to say I have given up on it until the new version comes out.

My workflow now is large databases in DTTG. There are only a few documents I am working on/need at any one time. If I know I need them for a meeting I put them in dropbox, and pick them up from the dropbox app.

I have had an idea. What about having an area in Devonthink (e.g the dropbox zone). that directly connects to a folder on dropbox, then have DTTG sync with that. (I know you can index a folder but you still have to remember to sync).

I dont suppose this workflow would work for people who keep their entire database on ios.

Thanks for the suggestion! But the necessary solutions are already in the pipeline and it’s better to get them done instead of trying to add workarounds to the current version.

With all due respect and reverence for Devon Technologies, to which I am thankful for its work, this pipeline has turned out to be disappointingly slow. Here’s hoping that DTTG 2.0 is not too far out.

A completely rewritten sync for both iOS and Mac is also part of this pipeline. And more…

I am happy that there is a new DTTG in the pipeline but even the present version for me is really superior Apples native programs in many ways.

  • It syncs “for free” via WiFi great for me since a GB of cellphone data in Europe can cost easily 100 bucks. Free hotspots not as common s here in the US especially outside of bigger cities.

  • I can have unlimited number of emails in every folder. Apples Mail app for the iPhone only downloads the last 150/folder

  • I can search MUCH faster inside my emails when using DTTG on my iPad and iPhone. Every time I tried to search (even if only 150 per folder were on my device) it took forever and on top of it it costed valuable cell data.

  • All my data is with me and not in a cloud just a password away and I pay once for my app no subscriptions.

Off course I would like to see a new version where I can carry all my attachments with me as well. I still know that “the market” is picky and it is easy to loose market shares fast when you present something that only works 95%.

I am brand new to DevonThink but already after a few months feel like a “core” user. The more of us that finds out and buys DT the more money for research and development for the future.

And I understand it is a fine balance to both listen to the users who needs new functions but also to the group who needs the app to be stabile and without glitches.

However, the market is fast and if an app gets bad reviews for glitches it can be dead very fast so I think it is better to make it work at least 99% before starting to sell it.