Why dropped support for Vietnamese in OCR

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I am very fresh to DT, only recently downloading the trial version. I work heavily in French and Vietnamese documents, and indeed the program was recommended to me as a great organizing tool that ALSO supports Vietnamese OCR. However I couldn’t successfully OCR Vietnamese when I tried, and I noticed that V3 Beta 3 has a patch note mentioning that Vietnamese has been removed from OCR support.

Am I correct that Devonthink does not currently support Vietnamese and are there any plans to begin supporting it in the near future? This is potentially a make or break for me unfortunately.


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That is correct. Vietnamese isn’t currently supported. We don’t get access to all languages for free. There are some that are in separate language sets and Vietnamese isn’t in our current license. If we had enough interest in it, it may be possible to add to our license at some point.

Too bad!

Well if someone who needs Vietnamese is reading this please comment to let devonthink know you need it too!

i think you could buy your own OCR software (Or scanner with it). what i do not know is if DEVONthink will index those files. i presume yes but do not take my word for it. @BLUEFROG can say.

Yes, I too work with Vietnamese documents in DT every day. Having OCR capabilities in Vietnamese would be awesome! Thanks

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DEVONthink will index the content in the Vietnamese document if OCR has already been done on it…

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The full version of Finereader Pro supports Vietnamese. Since I don’t speak the language, I can’t comment on its accuracy.

There is a Devonthink script that allows you to use an external copy of Finereader Pro. Among other things, it brings OCR to the non-pro version of devonthink.

I’m still using Mojave, though, and I have heard that both Catalina and Big Sur make this kind of inter-application scripting more difficult.

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