Why is DEVONthink syncing again?!

I wiped my computer and setup everything new. I copied over the Databases from a Time Machine Backup and imported them in the newly DEVONthink 3.6.3.

I already synced my Databases via Dropbox and reconnected again with the sync store.
But what amazes me now is that apparently almost all documents are uploaded again?

Why is that? I don’t want to get any inconsistencies with my databases and syncs.

This should not be surprising. You said you wiped the Mac and copied over the databases. Therefore there was no transactional sync data locally available to DEVONthink. It has no information to compare against the sync data in your sync location.

Ok. I guess I don’t have to understand it. Shouldn’t it be enough to make kind of an index and not upload the actual files again?! It looks like the file will be actually saved two times in my dropbox which doesn’t make any sense IMHO.

EDIT: Any change to cleanup the used space? Besides deleting the sync space and syncing everything again which would be problematic since I also have another machine and I don’t know which files are already synced from that.

wait, so if i delete a database on my device (macbook to keep it simple) and copy an identical one over from a backup, i need to clean up the database on the sync backend and sync it fresh to the sync service and consequently to all devices?

No. The OP wiped the drive then copied the database’s. Therefore no sync data was found due to the wipe.

where is the sync data?

The local transactional sync data is stored in the ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink 3/Cloudy directory.

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Which approach would you @BLUEFROG recommend for a Dropbox datastore sync in a planned wipe/reinstall?

In terms of what, regarding the Dropbox sync?
If you’re planning a wipe and reinstall, I’d make sure your local primary backups are current. Actually I’d suggest that regardless of your reinstallation plans.

Yeah sure. My local primary backups are current. But the backup should also include the local sync store, right?

How can I proceed now. My Dropbox sync store is almost twice the size of the database size. And a couple of devices are synced via that store. Every device is on the current state. Would it be okay to delete the Dropbox sync store and it recreate it on my “main” machine. I’m kind of lost here. Thanks for your help.

You shouldn’t have any Dropbox sync data on your machine.

Help > Documentation > In & Out > Sync > Dropbox

Following these instructions will feee up space on your local machine.

If you’d like to start syncing afresh, you can clean the sync location on a machine then resync.
In DEVONthink’s Preferences > Sync on the Mac, right-click the sync location and choose Clean Location. After the clean has been successfully reported in Window > Log, you can enable syncing the databases again.