Why is DT PE a mono-database app?

I’m wondering why you can only have one database in Devonthink PE. Okay, its name is Personal Edition. But I think the difference between DT PE and DT Pro is too big. Just add the multiple database capacity and you’ll make me happy 8)

I’d like to know what DT developers and users think.

– Jérôme

Umm, you can only have one database open in the Pro edition as well. It’s a long standing feature for DT Pro. 2. I have a workaround though, that while not perfect does work. I’ve created multiple copies of the DT Pro application. I can then run one database per copy and switch between them. I usually run two or three simultaneously. Performance is fine (iMac G5, non-intel). The downside is that I cannot set each copy to open a separate database and I cannot store separate setting for each database. This is because all copies of DT Pro reference the same settings file. Also when you open the second and subsequent copy of the application you will get a message about the database already being in use. You need to just click on OK and then use the Open Recent list to select the correct database to use. Once everything is open pretty much everything works fine and you can even drag and drop from one to the other. However you will run into problems with adding items externally using say scripts. I mainly use drag and drop to add items so this is not a problem for me. Rewriting the scripts or hacking DT Pro may make it possible to avoid these issues.

I was using DT Pro and wanted to downgrade to DT PE because I don’t use the scripts much. I knew DT PE is a mono-database app but I under-estimated this factor.

I do know you can’t open more than one database in DT Pro either—unless there’s a workaround, I can’t say, I haven’t tried. My previous post was too “fast”, sorry about that. Problem with PE is, there is no File > Open Recent option to go from one database to another. Or if there’s a possibility, I’d like to know how I can do this.