Why is DTPO making a replicant when I move to another group?

Newbie question: I have a bunch of files with a particular tag in a group. I select them in the tags list or using search. If I move them to a new group the titles show red, which I’m supposing indicates they are replicants. But I just want to move them to the new group. What am I doing wrong?

Let’s say you have two “normal” groups:


“Normal” groups are not tags. They are just groups. In this case, those groups are “enabled for tagging”. (See “Help” for how-to do this.) You put a document into Bread and give it a tag “Cinnamon”. At this point the document has been assigned the tag “Cinnamon” and a group tag “Bread”. Check it out – try this experiment for yourself.

Later, you navigate to the tag group “Cinnamon” and move the document from the tag group “Cinnamon” to the normal group Chocolate. Because the document was assgined the group tag “Bread”, and you didn’t remove the document from Bread your removed it from “Cinnamon”, the document is going to be replicated to both Bread and Chocolate. Again, check it out. Test this for yourself.

This is how tags, groups enable for tags, and replication works. The upshot: unless you want to replicate using the recipe above, don’t use Move to remove tags from documents. Navigate to the document is a “normal” group and remove the tag using the tag bar.

(If you move the document from one Tag to another, the same effect results. Another experiment to check out.)

Thanx for taking the time to explain this. It makes sense. After all, I am just moving from a tag to a group. I have not told the app I want anything moved from an existing group.