Why is Global Inbox "local" when I set up sync on iPhone?

I’ve had to start over with DTG on my iOS devices. When I set up my iPad (iOS 3.1) to sync with my .dtCloud file on Dropbox, all went well, but with my iPhone, the “Global Inbox” is always listed as “local” when I first establish the connection.

Any idea how to fix this?

Check to make sure sync is turned on for Global Inbox.
Settings > Edit Locations > Tap on your location > Ensure the switch for Global Inbox is in the ‘on’ position.

The default is Global Inbox isn’t automatically sync’d so you just need to turn it on.

The switch is definitely on – Global Inbox is listed as “local” as soon as it appears.

Because the Global Inbox is always local. It is open and available locally. This is no different than what occurs on the Mac. The Global Inbox is always in the Local section.

I think he is stating that even though it is supposed to sync it is stating that it is local, which usually shows when you aren’t syncing the Global Inbox. For instance if I go into my sync locations, Global Inbox shows the time of the last sync and doesn’t say local.

Potentially, but that’s why I emboldened this part of his comment: when I first establish the connection. :smiley: