Why is there no drop box folder for DT PE?

What I really miss in the PE is a drop box to save items to DT from other apps. That is a major deficiency in the PE, at least from my perspective. I worked a lot with Journler before I switched to DT and this feature was really handy. The global inbox is already in the PE, so where is the “remote” for that inbox?
I hope that is not a missing feature by intent, just to draw users to buy the Pro-version.

You can put the Global inbox in the Finder’s sidebar and/or the Dock and save documents from other applications to the Global inbox, or drag and drop files into the Global inbox.

There are four different editions, and four different price points, of DT if you also count DEVONnote. The lower-priced editions (D-Note and D-Personal) are naturally not going to ship with all the same features as do the higher-priced editions (D-Pro and D-Pro Office).

Certainly, do not feel embarrass, I have no problem with that. Although, the PE does have an inbox, so a drop box on finder level would make a lot of sense.

The Global inbox resides in the ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Personal/ folder. You don’t want to move the Global inbox, but you can drag it to the Finder’s sidebar, the Dock, add it to the Finder as a Favorite, and/or make an Alias of it.

The global inbox is actually only available in DEVONthink Pro (Office).

I wondered about that, but as the OP mentioned that (s)he had a Global inbox, I assumed that it must work the same. How does the Global inbox mentioned in the PE documentation differ from the Global inbox in Pro Office?

The database of DEVONthink Personal has an inbox, just like any database of DEVONthink Pro (Office).