Why no integration with DEVONnote?

DEVONthink Pro, wonderful as it is, can be a little … slow at times, especially with very large databases. So it would be cool to be able to use DEVONnote as a front end for DT Pro, much as DEVONagent serves as its back end.

Much of what I do is just simple writing and clipping of text from web pages. And while I appreciate DT Pro’s awesome search, text analysis and media viewing capabilities, when I’m writing/clipping I just want something that will work quickly. Then later I can dump it all into the DT base – ideally, with a click of a button. Again, like DEVONagent.

So why can I not even drag and drop files from one program to the other?

I can drag a DEVONnote document (selected by Name) to a desired location in the Groups panel for a DT Pro database. The contents of the DN file are now also in the DT Pro database. The creation date is shown as the date of the drag & drop operation. To move multiple items select them and drag them to the Finder, e.g. to the Desktop. Then drag those files from the Desktop to DT Pro.

If you want to maintain the DN document’s metadata, export it to a target folder using File > Export, then import the data to a DT Pro database. That’s the same procedure you would use to transfer data from one DT Pro database to another.