Why no IT-related user stories?


I’m new and am currently evaluating if DT3 works for me as an IT freelancer to organize both, my private and corporate paperworks (invoices etc.), as well as all customer related activity (phone call logs, meeting minutes, design drafts, licences, network plans, …).

While DT3 seems to be a fit for my use cases, I’m wondering why there are no IT-related user stories at your page. Why is it focused on research and education? Being a Mac-only product, it should be destined for IT pro users as well, or am I missing the point?


Currently there are user stories for the most important audiences whereas the term IT is not very specific, it includes a huge range of different jobs. But we’ll consider this.

okay, forget about IT, but what about the large group of freelancers who are in need of a proper document and customer management?

“the large group of freelancers” is still a very broad scope. Freelancing in what?

shouldn’t matter at all. All freelancers I’m aware of need to deal with information. May it be tax- or customer related. Archiving, finding, tagging and creating information.

My point is more like why do you narrow the field to research and education? A smart way to deal with information can be benefitial to lots of people.

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