Why no "live updating" for text documents?

DTP does not have the ability to view documents in a split window.
This means opening a separate document window while viewing a second view of the same document in the main database window.

This is useful for long documents when referring to one part of the document while editing another part (and needing to view the other part).

Here’s the rub (what I call live updating).

When typing in the new document window, the new text does not appear in the main db viewer until it is saved manually. When this save occurs, the document scrolls to the beginning of the document. You must stop your work and scroll to find your previous spot in the document. This is a serious impediment to a workflow.

Other applications such as SOHO notes (formerly sticky brain), dossier, mori etc update the main viewer document as text is typed.

Why doesn’t DTP update the document a la the aforementioned apps?

Can this feature be “enabled” in DTP or added as a feature?

Did I explain this properly?

thanks :slight_smile:

Makes good sense to me. :slight_smile:

I’ll use it as an opportunity to mention a somewhat related issue:

• Open and edit a document in a separate window
• Reveal (command-R) that document’s entry in a corresponding viewer window
• Delete (command-delete) the selected document

There’s no confirmation to save changes made to that document in the separate window, which disappears when the entry is deleted.

Also, command-D doesn’t work as a shortcut for “Don’t save” when closing the window of an modified, unsaved document.


Is this possible?

Agreed with the above.

In DT it’s possible to edit two different views of the note in different ways, and be left with two different unsaved states… then whichever view you save first wins.

So a new “view” of a note is not actually just a new view, it’s a new instance.

DT is behind the curve in this respect.

It’s not yet possible but will probably come.

Thanks for the reply Christian.