Why not a plugin to search your own hard drive?

I have been thinking alot about how to use Devon programs systematically and I will post about this later. However, one of my idea relates to the Collection phase which I normally do using DevonAgent to collect material from the Internet. However, what if I also want to search my hard drive using the same query? As it stands, I have to do that with a separate program which is doable but a bit cumersome (more on that later) but that violates one of my work guidelines which is to mimimize the number of searches required.

So, why not a plugin for DA that searches the Spotlight index, something like what is already available for searching the browser cache? This seems to me to be a killer idea which would made DA the “one stop shop” for a comprehensive search. I know there is a problem with phrase searching in Spotlight and I don’t know if this can be corrected with a front-end, but even if not, its not a big problem because once I import the found documents into DT, I can do a phrase search from there and weed out any documents that don’t match.

So what do you all think of this suggestion?

I like it very much!

Good idea!

Awesome idea… Awesome! An immediate replacement for the very limited spotlight, and a DEVON alternative to foxtrot.

Rock on! I hope this happens.