Why not mix groups and files in one level?

I am new to DTP and would like to understand better how the underlying technologie works.

I read somewhere (here in the forum and/or in the help - can’t find it any more) that it is better not to place subgroups and files mixed in one group. What is the reason behind this advice?
Background: I have a main group called “persons” and have one file there for each person. But for some persons I need more than one file, so I make a group for that person and place all files inside. What is “bad” about this approach?


It is not entirely bad. It is just more confusion for the underlying AI technology. However, if you don’t use the AI for filing, it’s fine.

So searching and “see also” are not effected by mixing groups and files?


No, only the classification can get confused and would deliver mediocre results.

Wow! That is interesting. I always assumed that “See also” learns something from my classification.

No, but if you do, that’s still an advantage. :slight_smile: