Why some pdf files can't be marked in Devonthink 3?

This pdf is converted by calibre, I can mark it in pdf expert. But in Devonthink 3, I can’t.

The results can be shown in Devonthink 3! But I can mark in DT3. Just like the following figure.

PDF Expert does not use the same PDF framework as DEVONthink. There is an issue with Apple’s PDFKit and PDFs with CID fonts (of which Hanzi would likely be represented). We have reported the issue to Apple but it’s something they’d have to address.

A very sad thing! Too many bugs in pdfkit!

I wanna ask is there has the same problem on DevonThink to go, I consider it. I wanna annotation pdf on iPhone, but I’m afraid will have the problem that can’t search and edit.

DEVONthink To Go uses a different PDF framework than DEVONthink.