Why the whole text in my e-mail and not just the attachement

Hi there,

when I want a document (say a Word-doc) to be send by e-mail I use the contextual menue, fine.

After Mail opened the new message with the attached document, the documents whole article is copied into the mail, too. That is what I not want.

I only want the attachement.

What did I do wrong?

You did nothing wrong, that’s just the way it works since the first release of DTPO.

Hi Annard,

uh, yes I remember. I did not use it so often.

Any chance that this behaviour will change in a future release? I find it disturbing, because I want to send a text in the attachment not in the mail-body.


I don’t know, some people wanted the text and others the attachment. This way people have both and can delete what they want. You can also just drag the document from DT onto the Mail Dock icon, as usual there are multiple ways to achieve your goal in our application.

That’s good. No text in the mail-body. That’s the solution.