Why we should return to devonthinktogo after sharing some docu to sync?

Export to ‘devonthink to go’ to view and share any material on the current web, and then activate the devonthinktogo app again to finally sync.

I don’t know the details, but even if I don’t turn on the devonthink to go app again, can’t we sync a light web page through share extension?

For example, if you export it to share with an app like “Pocket,”
Even if you I don’t turn on the Pocket app again, I can export(share and sync) the document successfully.

Pocket and DEVONthink ToGo are two fundamentally different tools with different purposes and intentions. They also do different things differently.

For what I think you want to do (to read later), Pocket seems a better approach. When I was a user of Pocket (gave it up a few years ago), I found a way to automatically sync Pocket files with my desktop file system, and I setup something to automatically copy them to the DEVONthink Global Inbox. From there DEVONthink automatically imported them into the database. Frankly forget how I made that happen, but it was from documentation on Pocket’s web site on connecting to the computer. They make no mention of DEVONthink, which I had to figure out. Sorry, but cannot remember the details. It worked well except for the fact that the queue of un-read read-later documents just got bigger and bigger.

They use very different approach.

When you send something to Pocket, the “send share thing” directly talks with Pocket servers and stores the thing in their servers. When doing the same in DTTG, it is stored locally in DTTG, and due iOS limitations, normally DTTG is suspended and even cannot process the thing you’ve saved until you activate DTTG.