Widescreen View will not stay open

How can I keep the widescreen view enabled when I have Devonthink open. Sometimes when I restart its off and I have to activate it again. Under the general tab in prefernces I have checked “retain view” and still it wont stay in widescreen. Any ideas? :smiley:

Thank you for the bug report! Which view do you use? Any steps to reproduce this as it’s working fine over here?

It always reverts back to the Three Panes view, try leaving the widescreen view open and eventually the application will open in three panes view, if you just close the app then restart right away it sometimes remains in widescreen, but eventually it will change

Recently a window I expected would open in Three Pane view unexpected open in List view, which seemed related to ongoing troubles I have with how databases/windows are closed influencing how/where windows will open next time, mentioned in multiple threads, e.g.:


Even when I’m cautiously conservative with managing multiple dbs/windows I can’t avoid “haphazard” window locations (and now views), including an increase of the overlaying windows problem. :frowning: