Could someone run through how to use the Dashboard Widgets included in the Pro download?

Almost identical to Stickies, except that it will be able to store the note in DEVONnote, DEVONthink PE or DEVONthink Pro (these are all supported, flip the window to set the preference if you have any of these installed). The note will be stored using the application preference for (Import -> New Notes).

On the flip side you can set the parameters for a search. Then type a search term and click the application icon (or “Enter”).
If results are found, you will see the names in a list. Clicking an entry will open a drawer with some detailed info (including the path). If you double-click an entry, you will be taken to DEVONthink Pro where the entry will have been opened in a new window.

I’m using DT Pro. Notes I make in DEVONjot just seem to disappear into the cosmos. They are not going to my database, I’ve searched extensively for them. The only preferences on the back of the widget are for font and font size, fwiw. DEVONsearch works fine.


It works here, but it can be a bit finicky (e.g. will sometimes beep or temporarily lose the ability to enter text).

The History window (sorted by Age) is handy to check for recently added items.

Same here, maybe because only DT Pro is installed.

Currently, unless one of DT Pro’s databases is checked as Default on the File > Database Properties panel, if the Widget has to launch DT Pro because its not open, DT Pro will open without a database to receive the note.

Suggestion: Make your most commonly used database the Default database. Then Widget will be able to send the new note to it. You can always Export that note and import it to a different database later.

Annard is considering several options for handling such problems.

Mine already was (my only database actually) so I unchecked and rechecked that option. Now the widget seems to work. Odd (for regular software, not so odd for widgets).


Same with capturing via services, as I wrote the other day. That wasn’t an issue when the widget temporarily didn’t work for me.

Not Just for DTP widgets but I thought I’d post this here for those that may not have heard of it. Amnesty is a Menu Bar application that takes over the management of Dashboard:

Widgets loaded in Amnesty Widget Browser run completely outside of Apple’s Dashboard environment, maintain their own preferences and feature expanded capabilities such as adjustable window level (desktop, standard or floating), opacity and auto-update timers. Widgets can also be arranged into multiple virtual workspaces that can be called up —by menu or hot key—to the screen at any time.

Now you can have DTP widgets (and any other) on your desktop ready for use as you require. This is a fantastic way to interact with widgets ( same as Konfabulator) . For those intersested you can find it here:


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