Width of "Name" Field

Is there a way to change it, in the list view? Sorry if it’s obvious… Well then, I guess I wouldn’t be writing if it were…

Wow – that seems to be a bug in the DT Pro edition I’m running too. I can make the field wider, but no narrower than a pretty large width. I’d call it a bug I think.

That’s actually intentional because it doesn’t make sense to narrow the column and having unused space at the right side of the view afterwards. However, as v1.9 will provide the possibility to customize the displayed columns, this behaviour will be modified.

I’d been curious about the reason for that semi-fixed-length Name column for a long time… thanks for the explanation.

Being able to select which columns to display is useful, except now I’m losing too much toolbar by making those with only Name and Modified columns too narrow. I wish there were some way to keep the toolbar search field visible without having to move it future to the left. Being able to reposition it on its own row (like the address bar in OmniWeb) would be okay, if that’s possible, or maybe there’s a better solution? I know per-window toolbars won’t happen. Bottom line is that narrow windows and crowded toolbars don’t mix.

I’m still having trouble with certain views not displaying all their columns when DT (Pro) is launched and reopens windows. Switching to a different view then back to the original is a workaround but I’d like to figure out how to make the columns sticky between sessions. What’s interesting is that resizing some of the windows and selecting different columns to display fixed that problem for some, but not all, of the windows. Maybe tinkering with the rest of 'em a bit more will fix 'em. Any other suggestions are welcomed.

I finally resolved the problem with “non-sticky views” by closing all windows, quitting and restarting DT, then reopening the windows. Next DT quit and restart restored everything perfectly. That hadn’t worked in some previous version but I’m just glad it did the trick this time.