Wiki functionality: Backlinks

Déjà vu. My +6-year-old comment about WikiLink backlinks in What links here? is still true today:

A little belated in this thread perhaps, but I’d like to add my vote for more robust internal link navigation and handling. At least a way to search for internally linked docs and back linking. By the way, I LOVE Devonthink Pro Office. I wish I had looked more closely at it years ago!

Charles Lane

+1 here. Cheers

+1 for this suggestion; would be much appreciated!


A terrific idea.

Up-voting this one. I see there hasn’t been much activity on this thread, but I would love to use this feature.

I would like to add my voice to the list of users clamoring for backlinks in DEVONthink. I recently migrated to DEVONthink from Journler, and I am sorely missing Journler’s backlinks (I also mentioned backlinks in my comment in the thread “How DT Could Replace $10,000 software”).

+1 here for backlinks.

If there is a thread for easier filing away request, can someone show me where it is. I would so appreciate that feature.

+1 for backlinks, also on iOS (along with regular wiki links)

+1 for backlinks.

Please add this crucial feature.

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Another upvote.



Given how easy it is to use wikilinks with backlinks in e.g. RoamResearch, I hope the Devonthink team takes this feature request seriously!

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Count me in as well: + 1 for backlinks, on Mac and iOS

You’ll see that this has been a feature request since 2011. Hopefully this request is starting to generate enough user interest that devs will include that functionality. So, yeah, +1. While Roam slickly integrates backlink functionality, and even suggests other possible candidates as backlinks, it is entirely cloud based and a pale comparison to the full functionality of DT.

It is doable with Applescript.

It won’t anything like in Roam, but good enough.