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Hi all
Devonthink is still the the trusted datawarehouse on my Mac and I see no reason why this should change. Where it falls short in my opinion is the Wiki functionality. Especially the inability to display incoming links (backlinks) is crucial for me.
I know that Korm came up with a script that does something along these lines for Textfiles but in the long run I’d prefer some commitment from the Devonthink people. Ideally incoming as well as outgoing links, the display could be simple lists similar to the “See Also” results but incoming links would already be fine.
Is that in the cards? It would really help in keeping track of the connections between documents inside of Devonthink.



Not yet as it has been a rare request so far. But we’ll consider this for future releases of course.


I’m a relatively new user, thus maybe not yet entitled to request a feature, but I second this wish very much! Just wanted to have it said.
Besides, the more you dive into DTPro, the more powerful it gets. It’s really like this. Impressive. Wanted to have that said, too.

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Déjà vu. My +6-year-old comment about WikiLink backlinks in What links here? is still true today:

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A little belated in this thread perhaps, but I’d like to add my vote for more robust internal link navigation and handling. At least a way to search for internally linked docs and back linking. By the way, I LOVE Devonthink Pro Office. I wish I had looked more closely at it years ago!

Charles Lane


+1 here. Cheers

+1 for this suggestion; would be much appreciated!


A terrific idea.

Up-voting this one. I see there hasn’t been much activity on this thread, but I would love to use this feature.

I would like to add my voice to the list of users clamoring for backlinks in DEVONthink. I recently migrated to DEVONthink from Journler, and I am sorely missing Journler’s backlinks (I also mentioned backlinks in my comment in the thread “How DT Could Replace $10,000 software”).

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+1 here for backlinks.

If there is a thread for easier filing away request, can someone show me where it is. I would so appreciate that feature.

+1 for backlinks, also on iOS (along with regular wiki links)

+1 for backlinks.

Please add this crucial feature.

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Another upvote.



Given how easy it is to use wikilinks with backlinks in e.g. RoamResearch, I hope the Devonthink team takes this feature request seriously!

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