Wiki improvements in DevonThink

Two things come to mind that would expand the Wiki functionality and make the program much more useful.

(1) - Intra-document Wiki - If I could create a link and specify that it point to EITHER another document, or a certain point in some document, it would be immensely useful. I use the program for everything, including class and study notes. If I could link the things that my teacher talks about in one file to the same things in my textbook reading notes file, study would be significantly more helpful on a per-hour basis. This may be possible with XML? (I’m fishing for advice here.) However, not everyone wants to learn xml markup. If the program did it for the user, I think some users would be much happier.

(2) Wiki Export - Once several documents are cross-linked via Wiki, It would be so helpful if I could export the whole thing as, say, a website. I use the Wiki function extensively, and when classmates ask, “Hey can you send me your notes?” I’m left sending them a bunch of documents some lame explanation that they don’t understand about how that format works best for me with my free-form database.

This function would also be the bomb for posting weblogs. If I had a dedicated database (in DevonThink Pro - which I have been eagerly anticipating for what seems like years now) for my Weblog, I could simply upload the files to my webserver, and, minus commenting functions, I’d have a completely cross-linked weblog directly from my desktop. I think that MoveableType has some functionality where you can actually upload html files from your computer and it will plug them into the entries. I’d need to check again on that to be sure, as it may still be in development, but that would allow the user to have an offline, master copy of his weblog on his computer while there is an easily updatable/synchonizable version online.


We were already discussing this and it may end up on our (long) to do list. But, nothing promised here.

We’ll have exactly this functionality in DEVONthink Professional, maybe even with .mac integration.



The intradocument wikki thing - can you verify for me whether that is possible using xml markup? (of course, though, it would be manual.)


looking forward to Devon-Think pro.

No, that’s currently impossible. But “intradocument linking” is already on the to-do list (but not targeted for one of the next releases)