Wiki links in Korean

I started playing with DEVONthink Pro and quite like it, but there is one major irritant for me.

I would like to build a wiki for English-speaking learners of Korean, so I want DT to manage wiki pages with Korean names. However, file names that contain only Korean characters and numbers are not recognized for automatic WikiLinks creation. For example, if I have a file called 가다.txt, typing 가다 or 가다.txt in another file (in the same database) will not create a link to that file. If the name of the file contains a letter of the English alphabet or some special character - e.g. - or ( or ) or many others -, then the automatic WikiLinks creation works just fine. For example, automatic WikiLinks creation would work fine for a file called 가다(.txt or 가다a.txt.

VoodooPad handles Korean WikiLinks just fine, so I know it’s possible despite the challenges due to the (relative) lack of spacing in Asian languages. (Please note that modern Korean spaces words much like English though.) Anyway, while I could use VoodooPad for my Korean wiki needs, I much prefer the freedom offered by DEVONthink’s flexible user interface. DT allows for much more transparent handling of one’s data and I would love to use it for that Korean wiki project of mine.

I’m not much of a programmer, but if there’s anything I can do to help get that functionality up and running, it would be a pleasure.

Coud you please send a small example database (exported via File > Export > Database Archive…) to cgrunenberg - at - Then I’ll have a look at this, thanks in advance!