wiki links in Sheets

DT isn’t automatically creating wiki links from entries in my sheet to info elsewhere. I cannot even get it to create the link manually by going to format>make link. Am I missing something?



Currently, you can link to but not from records. This may change in a future version.

hmmm, that really blows. Please consider upgrading this soon, I (and others) use sheets for organization and wiki links are really needed.


I often use a document with static links that refer to other documents for organizational purposes.

Example: I’m writing an article with several sections. I lay out the topical organization of the article in a “Table of Contents” type document, and create other documents corresponding to the sections. I set static hyperlinks from text strings in the TOC document to the section documents.

One can use this approach to manage documentation for a project of any kind.

In fact the DT Pro Tutorial database uses this technique to organize topical structures and provide navigational assistance. A neat by-product of this approach is that one can then publish as a Web site by choosing File > Export > As Website to a target folder in the Finder. Illustration: Web site export of an early draft of the Tutorial database at

Note: Wiki links can also be used in this way, but may sometimes provide less control of included items than ‘hard-wired’ static links.

Christian does have linking from Records in his development plans, but there’s no promise on when this will appear in a future version.