Wiki suggestions

I’d like to suggest an option in the preferences panel to allow only WikiWords to be used as automatic Wiki links, and also, automatic new document generation when WikiWords were used.

My document naming convention is generating too many automatic Wiki links. Yet, I don’t want the hassle of manually generating every single Wiki link by myself. So, it’d be nice if Wiki links were automatically generated only if they were WikiWords (but, non-WikiWords could be selected, and contextual-menu changed into a Wiki link if desired).

So, you might have Wiki preferences that could be set as:
 1) Automatically generate Wiki links to any matching titles, +/- links to groups (as currently implrmented)
 2) Automatically generate Wiki links, but only with WikiWords
 3) Don’t automatically generate Wiki links

Furthermore, it would be especially nice if I typed a WikiWord into a document, but if there was no document with the title matching the WikiWord, the WikiWord would still be displayed as a link, and clicking on it would automatically generate a new document with the title set to the WikiWord, in the same enclosing group as the current document. In this way, it would be trivially easy to generate a nicely Wiki linked set of documents, all within a single group.

The more I think about it, the more I think this suggestion would be useful for generating easily linked documents, without needing to do a whole bunch of contextual menu / document selections.



thank you for the suggestion. An “Only ‘MashedWords’ and aliases” option will be added to the next build.