Wiki versus Static Links

I just read the manual and don’t understand the difference between Wiki and static links.


Wiki Links are created automatically when you either type the name of a group or a file (or its mashed form), whereas static links need to be created by highlighting a text passage, select “make link” and then point it to the linked location.
Thus you can never ™ have a wiki-link pointing to something that is not also called that way, i.e. “Mr. Oizo” as a link will always point to a file named “Mr. Oizo” (or at least a file that has that alias).
A static link could have the text “Mr. Oizo”, but point to the File “Jeffrey Sinclair” instead. (You could achieve that as well with a wiki link by using an alias).

Or, putting it in other words:

  • the Wiki-Link points to something that is called or aliased as the link’s text sounds like - created automatically.
  • the static link points to one exact file and can contain any text as part of the “link” i.e. the “underlined part”.

(erm, is there more to this? what happens with static links when a file is renamed?)