I have been using the web for quite a while now, and every now and then I stumbled on ‘Wiki’.
Now DT has encorporated it I must know:

what is a wiki??? ???

It’s a way to build a cross-linked document structure (for example a web site). It basically works like this: Anyone can edit a web page by clicking on an edit button, and enter some text, if the author writes something like ThisIsAWikiLink it’s interped to be a link to a page named ThisIsAWikiLink. When the first page has been edited, it’s possible to create the new page by clicking on ThisIsAWikiLink.

From now on, any time to edit a page and write ThisIsAWikiLink it will be a link to that page.

Try a google search for wiki and you’ll discover plenty of information. :slight_smile:

Of course, one of the best descriptions of a wiki is in the Wikipedia, an online encyclopaedia being built by its users.