Wikilink - does and doesn't work

I use DT3 (upgraded from DT2) with several data bases for various topics.
Like to use WikiLinks within the same database and across databases.
As I understand from reading documentation WikiLinks should work on

  • formatted notes
  • rtf
  • markdown
    by typing [[ followed by the start of name of an existing note / document and then press Option+Escape for a list of documents to link to …

In certain cases it works - in most cases it does not i.e. no list appears nor would it link to an existing document; it may create a new note.

Some questions if anyone would know the answers:
a) in which cases would WikiLinks really work? Only within same database etc?
b) can I WikiLink to e.g. pdf documents and other formats?
c) what may I do wrong???

Thanks a lot for any feed-back.

Welcome @mauidriver_2007

WikiLinks don’t have anything to do with content or filetype. It works based on names or aliases, regardless of the chosen method, i.e., even using square brackets it is going to link to a name. Since all files have a name, there is no inhibition of it working with any file type.

WikiLinks are only detected in the current database.

Can you provide an example of a failure to work in your environment (perhaps in the form of an example document where you’ve typed a wikilink and it didn’t link)? A screenshot or two would be ideal, at least showing the info panel for the destination doc (the linked-to document).

Hi. Many thanks for your response.
In this case - only works within current database - WikiLinks will not solve what I was trying to do - sad - but it is what it is. However, logically it does make sense - was probably hoping Devonthink would be even more capable ;-).
Alternatively I could merge everything into one big database but that’s also not what I really want to do.
Might be back to manual links between documents.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: