Wikilink instance removal

Is there a way to remove a specific instance of a wikilink?

I have a lot of judicial cases and opinions in one of my databases, and I use short case names as aliases to link back to notes on a specific case. I know I can use all CAPS, tinker with the alias, etc., but it would be extremely useful if I could just remove the link in specific instances where that particular alias does not apply. Seems like this could be a contextual menu command.

The only think I found on this issue was a thread from 2007: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=5502&p=25454&hilit=+rtf+alias+remove#p25454.

Any thoughts and/or tips would be appreciated.



hover your mouse over the link, right-click and select “remove link”

this doesn’t work for wikilinks. i tried that before posting.