Wikilinks and item links

I wonder if it is possible to improve linking by making it more robust and flexible. I like wikilinks – I usually use [[ ]] method – but in practice, they have several weaknesses. Namely, they only work across a single database, they break if the name of the target is changed, and are not yet supported by DTTG. As previously posted they also don’t consistently show up in back links pane (incoming links) but am sure this will be ironed out. I do like the potential flexibility of using aliases.
Item links don’t have any of these weaknesses however, yet work across all databases, show up and work on iOS, and it doesn’t matter if the name of the target file is changed. I tend to prefer items links because of this.
I wondered if it is possible to have the best of both worlds, that links can be created by typing a file name or alias automatically, except the link created is an item link to that file using a UUID rather than the more fragile wikilink? There are probably down sides I don’t know about of course, as I don’t have expertise, just a happy user of the system created.


If you use Markdown you could create WikiLinks and then convert them to robust item links with Script: Convert WikiLinks to Markdown links.

Thank you for the suggestion pete31 will check out that script. I do mostly use markdown.