Wikilinks behavior


When using Wikilinks, beginning with [[ and hitting option-escape to pull up items that match, would you consider matching any part of the filename rather than necessarily the beginning? That’s how I often remember items.

(Along the same vein, would you consider adding an option in wikilinks preferences so that the popup appears without pressing option-escape? So just begin typing "[[SearchText” and results appear?

BTW, thank you for adjusting the wikilinks behavior so that clickable previews appear in rendered Markdown. It makes a big difference!

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Thanks for the suggestions, we’ll consider them for future releases.

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Thank you for adding the option in beta 6 so that search results begin appearing after typing [[ and a character! Although those results sometimes disappear when one types a second character, especially if one hesitates for a moment before putting in the second character.

If you would still consider allowing for searching any part of the filename, that would be a big deal… Zettelkasten has one start with a unique identifier, often a date/time unique ID, and those are not something one remembers; also, it is common practice to title academic papers as "Author (year) title), but one might remember the title rather than the author. In both these cases it would be particularly helpful to have the title autocomplete from any part of the title, not just the beginning.

I, too, think that this would be pretty powerful.

That said it sounds complicated on the development side and wacky on the UX side. What’s the list look like when you search for “the”, or a common noun in your database? Not impossible problems, and I’d love to see it effectively implemented!

That is a good point! - although I imagine a user is unlikely to search for a word as common as “the.”

(It could also be an option to search anywhere instead of just the beginning… and can start searching after 3 characters instead of after 1).

I suppose the concordance data could be set to ignore single words with more than a certain number of resulting hits (whatever number would result in a wacky UX), but that adds a lot of development time.

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