Wikilinks blue or black?

I know there must be a simple answer for this, but I haven’t been able to find it either in the manual or here:

When I make a wikilink, usually the link turns blue and is underlined, but sometimes it is just underlined and remains black. I have not figured out what causes this.

How I can make this consistent?

Are you able to reproduce this? Or could you send some examples to cgrunenberg - at - Finally, how do you create these links? Thanks in advance!

I can reproduce this 100% of the time, using automatic wiki links. I’ve never reported it because I just thought it was the expected behavior. I just:

  1. Created a new text document named ‘Wiki’
  2. Created a new text document and typed ‘Wiki’ in the document
  3. This is how the link appears in the document

My preference settings:

Automatic WikiLinks (should) use a different, darker blue than ordinary links but it’s not black.

Here is another screen grab, with the text blown up to 114 points to make the colors more apparent. If I select the link text (‘Wiki’) and bring up the color wheel for the text formatting, it does show a dark blue format. However, the text is not actually displayed in this color. If I select the non-link word ‘link’ and apply the same color from the wheel, it does appear in dark blue.