Wikilinks - names and aliases - Markdown view mode

What’s the trick to force links to show up in the Markdown view mode? They do show up immediately in the editing text mode but it takes a while, or never, to see the links in MD view mode. Bug?

Also if I export all the .md files either as .md files or html files, will DT3 then also add in the markdown or a ref links?

Perhaps a screen capture could be useful.

No, an export will not automatically create links. The WikiLinks are internal.
Development would have to assess this.

Thx, yes no big issue with the feature. As for updating the markup view, that’s odd, it takes a while and some background task will at some point refresh the view but the links do certainly not show up after creating them. In the text edit view they are immediately displayed. So I suspect this is a bug.

Are the Markdown files created in DEVONthink or indexed from an external Markdown editor’s save location?

Most of them are indexed from an outside location using external tools. But I would think the names and aliases linking is done by the DT3 internal Markdown engine.

The preview is only updated after saving.

Oh, thanks, good to know.