Wikilinks not appearing under document links pane in DT3

I really like the wikilinks feature in DT3, in particular because it allows me to link between .txt files that I would otherwise not be able to link from (only notes in RTF, formated note and HTML feature the hyperlink option).

However, I’ve noticed that unlike the regular hyperlinks, wikilinks are not being displayed in the document links pane.

Is this just me?

Thank you!

If you are referring to WikiLinks in RTF files, I cofirm this and Development would have to investigate this.

WikiLinks in Markdown documents are being properly reported.

Thank you. Can I also point out that WikiLinks are not being reported in TXT files either eventhough the wikilinks themselves are working in TXT.

Thank you very much for pointing this out as I hadn’t tried it with md files. This is helpful as I can convert other text files to Markdown for the time being and get the links indexed.

You’re welcome.
I’m not sure if the WikiLinks are actually intended to be reported. Development will have to assess this.

A screenshot of the document and of Preferences > WikiLinks would be useful, thanks.

Apologies, I missed the reply and I just saw it! Meanwhile, the workaround I’ve used for WikiLinks is to convert all the files to markdown, since WikiLinks in md are being reported. A bit cumbersome, but gets the job done.

As in previous betas, in DT3 beta 7 Wikilinks are not being reported for RTF or TXT files. Here’s a screenshot.


The link itself works (it takes me to the document destination) but it’s not being reported in the Links pane. Thank you.

The Links inspector uses only real links, not automatic ones which are added on the fly depending on preferences.

Ok. I can see the rational behind this. It’s interesting though, that with markdown documents, automatic links are reported in the links inspector. Maybe it could be helpful to have a settings option to chose if automatic links are to be used by the links inspector for any type of document?

The links of the preview are used in case of Markdown documents.

Ok. Noted.

I was testing the use if wikilinks and notice a bug, and had a question.

In the screenshot above, I created two wiki links to the same Clutch Rummy document. I noticed if I hovered my mouse over the lower half of the first link, I got a tooltip (?) that told me where the link went to (next to the previous/next carrots near the top of the image). I can’t screen capture the mouse cursor itself, so I drew a red circle to show the approximate area where it needed to be before the link info appeared.

The issues are that on the first Clutch Rummy link, the mouse has to be over a very narrow range to get it to appear, and on the second link, it won’t appear at all, regardless of where the mouse cursor is.

Also, when I make the wiki link in an RTF document, there’s no place for the tool ip above to appear, as there is a formatting bar there. So, the question is should this info be appearing when you hover over a wiki link?

I am seeing an issue with the last link not displaying in the Navigation bar, but yes, it appears the area required to display the link is quite small and/or fiddly.

Also, when I make the wiki link in an RTF document, there’s no place for the tool ip above to appear, as there is a formatting bar there.

The Editing bar is not always present. You can toggle it in the Format menu.

Development will have to look into this.

Only in the navigation bar, not in the editing bar.

I’m just beginning to explore WikiLinks and markdown links, and obviously there’s a lot to make sense of.

The behavior described in this thread, where Wiki links in RTF documents don’t appear in the Documents/Links pane, continues to be the case.

If I use DT’s “copy item link” and paste it into the RTF document, the link shows as expected in the Document pane.

So, there seems to be a trade off - the ease of creating Wiki links and new DT items from those Wiki Links with a template is set against the fact that outgoing links are not displayed in the Documents pane.

Is there a process that splits the difference, between the ease of Wiki links and the extra steps of creating a new document/copying a link to it/inserting the copied link into the original document?