WikiLinks not shown in Inspector as documented in DT 3 Help


I’m not sure if this is a bug or an instance of slightly out-of-date documentation, but WikiLinks in Markdown documents are not shown in Inspector > Document > Links as documented in DEVONthink 3 Help > Inspectors > Documents > LInks:

These [URLs] may be web URLs, file URLs, item links, and even DEVONthink’s WikiLinks. [emphasis added]

Additional observations:

  • Neither notations (double brackets, mashed words) are shown in the inspector, but they are rendered as clickable links in the document.
  • Web URLs and item links work very reliably, but WikiLinks are not shown at all.
  • WikiLinks are shown correctly in the lower Incoming Links section of the inspector.

What am I missing here? Thank you in advance.

The upper pane of the inspector shows only real outgoing links whereas the lower pane shows incoming item & Wiki links. In case of a rendered Markdown document valid Wiki links are converted to real links in the rendering and should appear in the upper pane too (depending on the Wiki preferences).

Thank you for the explanation, Christian! I was confused by the docs and thought WikiLinks would show up in bothe the upper and lower panes.