WikiLinks: sometimes referred with / without file extensions

I see a strange behavior referencing markdown files with WikiLinks using [[ ]]. Some of my markdown files are presented with and some without a file extension. See screenshot below
Screenshot 2024-01-21 at 21.59.49

As far as I could find out, this depends on whether the general setting “Show filename extensions” was on or off when creating the referenced file. If you change the general setting at some point in time, the files will continue to be referenced in the style specified by the setting when the referenced file was created.

As I changed the setting some time ago, I have now some files referred with the file extension and some without. I did not find any way to change this behavior.

For better readability of my text I would always prefer references without file extensions. Do I have to recreate all the files I added while the file extension setting was turned on? Anyhow, while viewing files in the DT file view I prefer listings with file extension. As I currently see it, both is not possible.

Am I wrong or is something wrong with my installation?

This is rarely the case, including with most Mac apps. This train of thought leads to imagining a reinstallation is a likely next step… but it isn’t. Reinstallation should not be considered until much later in the troubleshooting process. There are many other things to look into before that gets to the table.

I was just wondering if someone else is seeing this behavior or is it just me?