WikiLinks: When do they include extensions?

I’m looking into WikiLinks in Markdown again and am not sure whether their behaviour changed.

Didn’t they match the record name plus the name extension (depending on preferences) in the past?

Already changed preference “Show filename extensions” and quit DEVONthink as I think this changed the matching in the past, but there’s still only the name matched, not the extension.

Thanks. Yours do include the extension but over here this doesn’t happen anymore. Quite sure that in the past the preference “Show filename extensions” changed the behaviour (after restarting DEVONthink)


Without changing anything I’ve now some WikiLinks with and some without matched extension


That’s not correct. Yesterday I had also “Square Brackets” and “MashedWords” enabled.

Current preferences:

What’s the type/extension of the linked items HALLO_LINK_1, LINK_1 & LINK_2?

Extension “md”, kind “text document”.

And were all documents created the same way?

Yes, all manually created, then copied all names at once and pasted.

With or without appending an extension to the name of the created items? Could you send a small sample database to cgrunenberg - at - Thanks!

Without appending extensions to the records. But I did play around with the extensions of the WikiLinks. Sent a sample.